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So many kind strangers

I am not quite sure what I expected on this incredible Slow Travel Girls adventure.... other than sore feet.... but I have been surprised every single day with the things that have been happening.... overwhelmingly good and with only a few "lessons learned"!
I guess I knew we'd probably meet a few people along the way, but please believe me when I say I had no idea HOW incredibly lovely, caring, generous and downright amazing strangers can be!! We have had so many guardian angels looking after us we are beginning to wonder if we should feel guilty for being so well looked after!
Just a few examples.... Gemma was unloading her shopping from her car and we quickly asked to confirm our directions...she went in to the house to get a donation for us, made another donation online and told all her family and friends about us -and now they are sending us messages of support!
We chatted with Les in a cafe while we were resting our weary feet...two hours after we left he drove to find us to check that we were doing ok! He emailed us two days later to check because he had noticed we hadn't put photos on Facebook and said just to shout if we needed his help!
We had Steve & Emma secretly pay for our tea and cakes. After we briefly asked about b&b's when in the queue in a pharmacy, Neil called friends to get details for nearby b&b's and then appeared in his car to tell us where we could go - and he even offered us a ride, but of course we had to turn him down! Similarly, we met Steve in Chepstow when we asked him directions to the Severn Bridge. He directed us back up a hill that we'd already gone up and down, but then he appeared ten minutes later in his car; we gratefully accepted his offer of a ride because we were re-tracing our steps.
Alex offered to give up a hotel room when he found us almost broken with pain (Erin's fibromyalgia had kicked in big style) and then drove us to one in the next town ...don't worry, we started walking back where we'd left off the next day!😀
We've camped in pub gardens and had folk offer to make breakfast for us or even stay in their homes.
We also found ourselves in the home of a friend, Ben and his Dad, Simon, who both met us for lunch and ended up "kindnapping" us (thanks to Anna McNuff for that ace word!). They drove us 30 miles and returned us the next morning back where we met them the day before. We hadn't met Simon before but both he and Ben continue to provide us with advice and information for our journey ahead.
One bar manager, who shall remain nameless (😀) even did our laundry!
This adventure has certainly proven how lovely strangers can be - some even becoming friends! This blog shows just a small selection of the fabulous people we have met during our first week and we really appreciate all of the kind gestures people have shown us along the way.
You can see more about all of the people we've met on - you don't need to be signed up to Facebook to view our photos, stories and videos.
- Ged
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